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An American Cannabis Story

By David Goodman

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As April 20th approaches, the largest holiday for weed enthusiasts, smokers, admirers, and fans, make sure to stock up on An American Cannabis Story. This book is perfect for creating enticing 4/20 displays and is sure to sell to anyone looking to gift to their weed-loving friends and family or to purchase for themselves in honor of this iconic holiday!

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The reversal of marijuana laws and the outright legalization of pot in a growing number of states has converted cannabis cultivation from a clandestine, backwoods operation into a mainstream, multi-billion-dollar agricultural business. An American Cannabis Story details the backstory and methods of Puffin Farm—one of America’s first legal-cannabis pioneers—and swings open the gate onto the previously unseen world of the blossoming American weed culture.

With unprecedented exclusive access, author and photographer David Goodman reveals the never-before-seen world of America’s “Green Rush” in words and stunning photos. An American Cannabis Story will forever change the way you see and understand cannabis.

Open the book and discover detailed first person texts and jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs of the behind-the-scenes cultivation, extraction, and processing of the finest grade, sun-grown, organic cannabis on the market.

An American Cannabis Story is an in-depth look at the cannabis industry’s wholesome new attitude, packed with stunning images, and filled with the hopes and dreams of today’s new green entrepreneurs.

Author David Goodman is holding an event at Third Place Books in Seattle, the city whose residents are at the heart of the fascinating story:

Where: Third Place Books

Who: Author David Goodman in convo w/ activist and writer Vivian McPeak

When: Monday, April 8 @ 7pm


Reach out to if you are interested in holding an event Goodman ahead of 4/20!

David Goodman received his first camera at the age of 8, learned to develop film at 11, and created photography throughout his teen years in the darkroom he built in the basement of his Long Island home. He opened his first photography studio in New York City when he was 24.

Over the years his work has appeared in print and online publications as diverse as the New York Times, Vogue, The Advocate, and Huffington Post. His most recent New York City gallery show featured his photo series on Manhattan’s revolutionary park, the High Line.

A partial preview is available here: An American Cannabis Story

Photography / Agriculture / Weed
Hardcover, 11.81 x 9.21 inches, 208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64823-029-5, $42.00 US / $57.00 CAN

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An American Cannabis Story
By David Goodman
Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-64823-029-5

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