For the Beat lover/ the free love and performative poetry momento hound/ the fan of previously unpublished manuscript...

Material Wealth
Mining the Personal Archive of Allen Ginsberg 

On Sale November 21!

Compiled and Annotated by Pat Thomas with an Introduction by Anne Waldman

Plus previously unpublished Ginsberg from his personal archive including unseen poems, journal entries, and thoughts on Bob Dylan’s song "Idiot Wind."

Packed with ephemera you’ve never seenMaterial Wealth is a smorgasbord of things that most of us would have tossed away decades ago: notes to oneself, accounting statements, letters of intent, fan and media crushes, criticisms and critiques, posters of events now considered historical and cultural canon, political manifestos, et al.

These are just a few of the intriguing items folded between the pages of the one Ginsberg book that has never been—and needed to be done: a visual annotated compendium that reveals one of the unparalleled minds of his generation.



For the fashion plate, the aficionado of Old Hollywood, the seeker of classic style inspiration, and the emulator or admirer of men dressing like leading men...

Gary Cooper: Enduring Style 

Shipping Now!

By G. Bruce Boyer and Maria Cooper Janis with a Foreword by Ralph Lauren

With two new essays and a redesign courtesy of Shahid / Kraus & Company.

Now in its second edition with a fresh take on an American classic, Gary Cooper: Enduring Style gives readers a look at a larger-than-life leading man and the real life he led. The photos you’ll see were taken primarily by his wife, Rocky, and include snapshots of his home life, his easy style, and time spent with his friends (which, of course, include artist archetypes Cary Grant and Ernest Hemingway, among others). Regardless of place or present company, Cooper had the model outfit for every occasion, embodying a type of refined masculinity rarely seen—though always in high demand—to this day.



For the Susan Sontag On Photography fan/ the French Philosophy lover/ the stan of all things Jessica Lange/ the New York Street Photography obsessed...

Dérive: Photographs by Jessica Lange

Last Copies of First Printing Still Available!

With an Introduction by Hilton Als

New York City was empty in the first few days of the pandemic, but its bones have never been documented in such a manner before Lange’s masterful eye.

Acclaimed actor and photographer Jessica Lange embraced the onslaught of the pandemic and the initial lockdown in New York City in a remarkably intimate and engaging way: having been tempted to read French philosopher Guy Debord’s landmark text, Theory of the Dérive, (drift), she set out any given day with no destination, no purpose in mind, and observed and engaged in (photographed) what prompted her. The results of these excursions and purposeful, intellectual drifting are gathered in her third powerHouse Books volume, Dérive, at once her most audacious and most ambitious photography project to date: gloriously empty streets, mysteriously bustling with compositional energy; perfectly poised individuals, captured as if unwitting extras staged on set; vivid chiaroscuro, voluminous in a wide-pan tableau



For the THC enthusiast/ the edibles connoisseur/ the pot lover/ the weed partaker/ the new biz entrepreneur...

An American Cannabis Story

Available Now!

Photography and Text By David Goodmam

 The story will forever change the way you see and understand cannabis.


The reversal of marijuana laws and the outright legalization of pot in a growing number of states has converted cannabis cultivation from a clandestine, backwoods operation into a mainstream, multi-billion-dollar agricultural business. An American Cannabis Story details the backstory and methods of Puffin Farm—one of America’s first legal-cannabis pioneers—and swings open the gate onto the previously unseen world of the blossoming American weed culture. With unprecedented exclusive access, author and photographer David Goodman reveals the never-before-seen world of America’s “Green Rush” in words and stunning photos.



For the 90’s diehard, the fashionista, the fashion culture appreciator, the supermodel follower, and the stylist obsessed with the heydey of crazily inventive glossy magazine spreads and experimental European aesthetics...


Available Now!

Fashion Photography by Thierry Le Gouès with a Preface by Carla Bruni

Legendary French photographer Thierry Le Gouès—one of the top innovative fashion photogs in the nineties—comes out of a decades-long absence with a powerHouse compendium of his top fashion and editorial work emblematic of the hottest-trending decade of the moment: the 90s.

Top nineties fashion photographer Thierry Le Gouès created some of the nineties’ hottest fashion looks, shooting with the experimentation and innovation that made him a star of the European Condé Nast and Fairchild fashion bibles (Vogue, Mare Claire, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar), in addition to breakthrough work in the US editions and genre-bending shoots for the UK frontrunners (i-D, The Face) and downtown chroniclers Detour and Flaunt.

These pictorials defined a decade, one enjoying the bright lights of a nostalgic millennial flashback, and put the likes of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Carla Bruni, Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova, Kristen McMenamy, Yasmeen Ghauri, Helena Christensen, Tatjana Patitz, and Karen Mudler on the map. 



For the lover of LGTBQ street scenes prior to AIDS, the enthusiast of laissez-faire love and partying, the collector of intimate moments amongst a tight knit community, and the fan of New York and San Francisco in the 80s...

Castro to Christopher 
Gay Streets of America 1979–1986

Available Now!

By Nicholas Blair with an Introduction by Jim Farber

Between 1979 and 1986—after Stonewall and before the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic—there was a period of exuberant and burgeoning gay life in places even then known as “gay paradises.”

The joy—and pathos—of these tragically lost worlds is beautifully and vibrantly documented in this collection of compelling portraits and street scenes photographed by Nicholas Blair. As a teenager lured to San Francisco from New York—via hitchhiking to Buenos Aires—Blair lived in a hippie-style arts commune just across town from the Castro. With a Leica rangefinder camera loaned to him by a childhood friend, Blair began honing his craft as a photographer amidst the explosion of LGBTQ life that was rapidly eclipsing the hippies as the most visible (and photographable) counter-culture movement of the day.



For the fan of performative dance, opera, music, or film, the artist following the avant-garde history in the performing arts, the person obsessed with revolutionary non-profit fundraising, and the New Yorker who loves neighborhood inclusion and civic engagement...

BAM… and Then It Hit Me 

A Memoir by Karen Brooks Hopkins

President Emerita of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Karen Brooks Hopkins pens BAM…and Then It Hit Me, an inspiring memoir of her 36 years at the iconic cultural institution.

The book has a sharp focus on concepts such as leadership, innovation, urban revitalization (including the transformation of Brooklyn from Manhattan Outpost to the coolest neighborhood on the planet), as highly successful cultural fundraising played critical roles in the colorful evolution of this world-class cultural juggernaut in the performing arts.



For the tatted up buddy/ lover/ partner/ bartender/ hair stylists/ mechanic/ offspring...

Vintage Tattoo Flash 

From the Collection of Jonathan Shaw

Vintage Tattoo Flash draws from the personal collection of Jonathan Shaw–renowned outlaw tattooist and author–and represents a selection of over 300 pieces of flash from one of the largest private collections in existence. 

Vintage Tattoo Flash spans the first roughly 75 years of American tattooing from the 1900s Bowery, to 50s Texas, through the Pike in the 60s and the development of the first black and grey, single-needle tattooing in LA in the 70s. The book lovingly reproduces entirely unpublished sheets of original flash from the likes of Bob Shaw, Zeke Owens, Holt + Rowe, Ted Inman, Ace Harlyn, Ed Smith, Colonel Todd, the Moskowitz brothers, and many, many others relatively known and unknown.



For the mic dropper/ the b-boy (and b-girl)/ the wicked MC/ the street fashion appreciator/ the Hip-Hop origin story aficionado/ the passionate collector of Jamel Shabazz's breakout publishing project...

Back in the Days

Photographs by Jamel Shabazz, and Introduction by Fab 5 Freddy, and an Essay by Ernie Paniccioli

Back in the Days documents the Hip Hop scene from 1980-1989—before it became what is today’s multi-million-dollar multinational industry.

Back in the days, gangs would battle not with guns, but by breakdancing. Back in the days, the streets—not corporate planning—set the standards for style. Back in the days, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, photographing everyday people hangin’ in Harlem, kickin’ it in Queens, and cold chillin’ in Brooklyn.

Street styling with an attitude not seen in fashion for another twenty years to come, Shabazz’s subjects strike poses that put supermodels to shame—showing off Kangol caps and Gazelle glasses, shell-top Adidas and suede Pumas with fat laces, shearling coats and leather jackets, gold rope chains, door-knocker earrings, name belts, boom boxes, and other designer finery. For anyone who wants to know what “keepin’ it real” means, Back in the Days is the book of your dreams.



For the climate activist aged 12 to 112, the woman for change, the woman making change, the woman and kid taking charge, and the woman taking no shit...

Women Leaders Reversing Global Warming by Paola Gianturco and Avery Sangster

By Paola Gianturco & Avery Sangster

Women and girl leaders around the world are guiding organizations that are reducing – and over time reversing – the carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming.

Women are especially effective leaders when it comes to combating global warming. Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac, architects of the 2015 Paris Agreement, report that “Nations with greater female representation in positions of power have smaller climate footprints. Companies with women on their executive boards are more likely to invest in renewable energy and develop products that help solve the climate crisis. Women legislators vote for environmental protections almost twice as frequently as men, and women who lead investment firms are twice as likely to make investment decisions based on how companies treat their employees and the environment.”



For your inner Panther, the activist yearning for social justice in action, the picture frame of halcyon days of political and social action of yore, and the original Black is Beautiful...

In A Time of Panthers 
Early Photographs by Jeffrey Henson Scales

With a Forward Deb Willis & an Essay by Waldo Martin

Newly discovered archive of Oakland native Jeffrey Henson containing origin story photos of the emergence of the Black Panther Party in the 60s.

Fast forward to today’s national racial justice dialogues, the death of several Black men at the hands of police and vigilantes, and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, “A new urgency to these images and the original Civil Rights Movement takes root in context of today’s ongoing struggle for racial justice,” Scales said about the trove of historical material. “These images serve as a time capsule of sorts, not only of my adolescence and political awakening, but also for the country whose ongoing struggle with racial inequality, police brutality and resistance is as urgent and timely as ever.”



For the Vivian Maier enthusiast/ the aficionado of new artistic discoveries/ the fan of trippy art/ the follower fascinated by one crazy story and the art that comes from it...

Kali: Artographer

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!*

By Len Prince with Essays by Matt Tyrnauer, Brian Wallis & Alexandra Jarrell

The discovery of never-before-seen artwork—vivid, psychedelic, treatment-texured and intensely-colorful photographic prints and Polaroids—of a 1960s runaway housewife named Joan Archibald from Long Island, reborn in Malibu and then Palm Springs as Kali, has been gathered in a trade photo book for the very first time.

*not that we know for sure but we'll bet anything it will!

Joan Archibald left her Long Island home and family in 1966, and ran away to the West Coast to reinvent herself as Kali and take up photography at the College of the Desert in Palm Springs. After palling around with the likes of Richard Chamberlain in Malibu, she moved to a house in Palm Springs once owned by Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee, and began creating “Artography” in earnest as Kali: haunting portraits and double-exposed landscapes made with film, developed in her large bathtub, and finished by hand coloring with dyes, spray paint, and even dirt and bugs, in her swimming pool. Trippy, painterly, intensely colorful prints and later Polaroids were made and seldom seen outside a tight circle (one muse was a teenage Cindy Sherman). She published a few pieces in photo magazines, but by the late 70s locked the work away in suitcases inside a locked shed, never to be seen again for over 40 years.



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