Featuring photography by Arlene Gottfried and text by Miss Rosen, Mommie is testament to the passage of time, changes in the generations, losing loved ones and a familial experience at once both similar and unique to all. This deeply intimate book is the perfect gift for your mom, grandmother, sister, or daughter this Mother’s Day.

Mommie is a remarkable photographic portrait of three generations of women in the family of photographer Arlene Gottfried and an intimate story of the inevitable passage of time and aging. Pictured within, we are introduced to Gottfried’s 100 year old immigrant grandmother, fragile mother, and reluctant sister over the breathtaking course of 35 years.

Living as many mid-century Jewish New York families did, the Gottfrieds were not wealthy and lacked any trappings of luxury. Close examination of their world on Avenue A in Manhattan’s Lower East Side reveals a dimly lit small apartment, cartons of budget saltines and groceries, chipped paint, damaged floor tiles, guarded loose change, and well worn clothes – details natural to the lives of many families of immigrants in New York.

Gottfried succeeds in creating a complete twentieth century portrait of four lives inextricably interwoven through relation, sickness, need, love, and the absence of the only male in the family who passed away while Arlene was still young.

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Arlene Gottfried (+ Text by Miss Rosen)

Hardcover, ISBN 978-1576877449, 45 USD

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