powerHouse Books is pleased to announce the September 2022 Release of

Persona Non Grata

Photographs by Boogie


"What comes to mind when you think of Thailand? For many, it's the Land of Smiles, but that couldn't be further from the truth," argues Boogie, "at least when you take the time to scratch beneath the surface." After extensive research, the acclaimed street photographer took ten long trips to the country, where he quickly immersed himself in the underbelly of its street culture. Documenting daily life in Thailand's bustling capital, Bangkok, Boogie's camera uncovers with his raw aesthetic the bleak reality, an often unseen side of its ever-smiling inhabitants. This is the latest installment in a photography icon's lifelong exploration of humanity.

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Boogie began photographing rebellion and unrest during the civil war that ravaged his country during the 1990s. Growing up in a war-torn country defined Boogie's style and attraction to the darker side of human existance. He moved to New York City in 1998. He has shot campaigns for high-profile clients and has been published in top fashion publications around the world, and has exhibited widely in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Boogie lives and works between Brooklyn and Belgrade, and is the author of some nine influential photo books, including It's All Good (2006, 2016), Boogie (2007), Belgrade Belongs to Me (2008), and Moscow (2019), all with powerHouse Books. 

A partial preview is available here: Persona Non Grata

Street Photography / Artists' Books / Photojournalism
Hardcover, 8.25 x 11 inches, 136 pages
ISBN: 978-1-64823-001-1, $39.95 US / $53.95 CAN

High-res scans to your specification are available upon request; scanning from the book or lifting images from the mechanical file are strictly prohibited. Mandatory credit line: From Persona Non Grata by Boogie, published by powerHouse Books.

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