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The Autobiography of Rack-Lo

By George "Rack-Lo" Billips

Lo-Life tells the remarkable true story of the Lo-Lifes’ OG founder, Rack-Lo, aka George Billips, who, at a young age, simultaneously formed an infamous Brooklyn street crew and introduced high fashion to street life. Now a veteran of a near-fatal gangster lifestyle, his story transformed into one of self-determination, culminating in a career as a successful fashion entrepreneur.

Rack-Lo was deep into street life in the late 1980s, when he united teenage crews from the notorious Brownsville and Crown Heights neighborhoods of Brooklyn to found the legendary gang Lo-Lifes, who made a name for themselves dressing head to toe in highly coveted Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand clothing—orLo.” They acquired this “preppy” fashion by any means necessary: stick-ups, shoplifting, and hustling. 

What started as an informal gang uniform, organized around clean designs and bright colors, became a devotion to a lifestyle brand, and eventually created an association between street-level crews and the luxury brands that would fundamentally change the pop culture foundation of the fashion industry. Rack-Lo’s personal testimony captures the Lo Life era (1988-2005) like no other.


Rack-Lo survived gun violence, Riker’s Island, police brutality, street conflicts, a poor educational system, and domestic violence long enough to turn around his life and reinvent himself; he continues to be revered for his distinct fashion style, leadership, ability to mobilize his people and brotherhood to visualize and revolutionize a better society.

This is the incredible true story of Rack-Lo.

"Welcome to the world of Rack-Lo, also known as Rack Lauren. As I reflect on my
childhood, teenage years and adulthood, the Ralph Lauren style brand has always been a
part of my experience living here in America. The brand would soon become a necessity for
me and would eventually shape my outlook and even provide style inspiration. The clothing
was originally made for Anglo Saxon, upper-east-side-preppy (American upper class) folks.
I don’t think Ralph Lauren ever imagined that an inner city urbanite like myself would
give rise and popularity to his Polo brand that would eventually spread like wildfire across
the world in a subculture that has stood the test of time. Yes, I have created styles and looks
that are emulated by hundreds of thousands of 'Dressers' internationally. My outlook,
understanding and love for “attire” and “wardrobe” are aspirational, which evokes “best
dressed” emotions. This idea and feeling also evokes the aesthetics of the 'American Dream.'"

About the Author: Growing up in Brooklyn’s Brownsville and Crown Heights neighborhoods, Rack-Lo viewed the world at large through the lens of street life. It was on these streets where he built a legendary status that would go on to have a global impact. Credited as the “catalyst” of the Lo-Life movement, he was responsible for introducing the Polo Ralph Lauren brand to Hip Hop culture.

He established a fashion institution that resonates with folks of all ethnicities and racial backgrounds, and has penned five books based around his life and Hip Hop culture as it relates to style, fashion, community, and his role as a pioneer in leading a diversified fashion conglomerate. Rack-Lo is also the founder of the brand RL Jewelry specializing in quality accessories. Once a founding member of one of Brooklyn’s most infamous teenage gangs, Rack-Lo is now a prolific writer, published author, curator, film director, model, event coordinator, stylist, creative director, editor, podcaster, webmaster, husband, father, and grandfather.

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Black Streetwear / Lo Life Legacy / Brooklyn Tales / Fashion Re-Invented / Catalysts of Change

Hardcover, 7.5 x 10 inches, 320 pages, ISBN: 9781648230455, $39.95 USD or $53.95 CAD

High-res scans to your specification are available upon request; scanning from the book or lifting images from the mechanical file are strictly prohibited. Mandatory credit line: From LO-LIFE: The Autobiography of Rack-Lo, by George "Rack-Lo" Billips, published by powerHouse Books.

LO-LIFE: The Autobiography of Rack-Lo is available to pre-order now through our website and book retailers.

LO-LIFE: The Autobiography of Rack-Lo

By George "Rack-Lo" Billips

Hardcover, ISBN 9781648230455, $39.95 USD

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