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Clara Cakes:
Delicious and Simple Vegan Desserts for Everyone

By Clara Polito


Clara Cakes, the brainchild of Los Angeles-based teen baker Clara Polito, is packed to the brim with easy and delicious vegan dessert recipes to make at home. Clara began baking at age 12, selling her cakes at DIY punk shows and baking competitions. Now, as a teenager, her self-run company Clara Cakes is all over town—catering events, providing sweets and treats to stores across the city, and still popping up at concerts!

Clara’s personal sweet tooth has led to the creation of amazing and unique recipes like:

* Inception Cookie: An Oreo cookie secretly baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie. Mind blowing!

* Breakfast Cake: Banana cake, maple frosting, and caramelized corn flakes. The most important cake of the day.

* Sexy Cake: A zesty lime cake topped with tangy lime frosting and spicy, salty blueberry sauce. XXX.

* S’mores Bars: The name says it all. Who needs a campfire when you have a bag of vegan marshmallows and an oven?

Clara Cakes is the sweetest vegan cookbook to hit market, and a peek into Clara's world. There are playlists and personal stories along the way, dessert haikus, and even some advice on how to turn your hobby into a business. Baking is not always neat, so sometimes you gotta make a mess before you make it big. But whether making art, running a business, or baking delicious, ethical desserts, it’s always the best when you Do It Yourself. Take a look inside and let Clara be your guide!

Clara Polito runs the Los Angeles-based vegan baking business, Clara Cakes. She started baking when she was 12 years old, shortly after becoming vegan. Presenting her latest creations at shows throughout Los Angeles, she eventually gained customers and attention while charming the taste buds of everyone from crust-punks to lawyers, uniting them one sweet tooth at a time. Now 19, Clara hosts pop-up brunches and dinners throughout LA, sells at food and music festivals, and has made hundreds of custom birthday cakes all along her vegan way. When not baking, she enjoys cooking Italian food from scratch, and when she is just completely out of the kitchen, she's honestly a little lost. She loves to dance.

A partial preview is available by clicking here: Clara Cakes

Desserts / Vegan / DIY Business /  Millennial Entrepreneurs
Hardcover, 7.25 x 9 inches, 160 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57687-823-1, $24.95 US/CAN

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